Re: On-topic: HP 1743A portable oscilloscope having unique feature?


In theory two separate b-gate signals could have been generated during one sweep

Using dual B-sweeps on separate A-sweeps has the advantage of giving more freedom
in the choice of the B-sweeps as a fraction of the A-sweep. With both B-sweeps on one
A-sweep, overlapping B-sweeps (delta-time < B-sweep "speed") would be a bit awkward...
I made this remark because it would be a bit "awkward" to generate two B-sweeps during the same A-sweep using one B-sweep generator if the second B-sweep would have to start before the first would be finished. Obviously, this is not a problem with two B-sweep generators or if the "B-sweeps" would in fact be just cursors or markers. This latter configuration would allow interval measurement but would preclude combining the marker function with real B-sweeps of "arbitrary" length.


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