Re: New member looking for a Tek 465

Fabio Trevisan

Hi Ricardo,
There is a couple of active Brazilian members here, myself and Samuel.
I think it's just fair to give you a reception and some advice on first

About the 465 on advertise...
At first look, it's not exactly a bargain.
To start with, it has a few cosmetic issues that one can spot right on.
1. The numbers on the CH1 voltage attenuator selector dial, that were
supposed to be painted on the transparent scale, are wiped out or very
2. Most (if not all) of the push button selectors lost their markings or
they're very faded.
3. It's missing the back-feet (which is rather important because those
scopes are big and very often you want to use it standing on their feet, on
the floor, instead of table-top).
4. It's missing the grid of the back fan exhaust port, which is shown
replaced by a foam pad!!! I'm not sure if whoever did that really knew what
he was doing, because this FAN is actually an EXHAUST fan, so there's no
point in filtering the air coming out of the fan and, besides, it blocks
the airflow to some extent and those fans are not very powerful (unless
they have changed it).

Other from cosmetic, at least the scope seems to be working, it's coming
with a pair of probes! Cheap ones though, not Tektronix probes, but they're
at least 100 reais value, and, deducting from the faded buttons and
modified FAN exhaust port, someone has performed some servicing on it or at
the very least tried to clean it (maybe too much).

The 465s are excellent scopes, (although the 465Bs are better) and they are
relatively easy to repair because they're mostly transistorized (they have
very few proprietary Tektronix Integrated circuits, which is good, because
they're not that easy to find).

I would ask the seller to post a video of the scope, showing it changing
vertical sensitivity (on both channels), and changing horizontal sweep
speeds, and increasing the CRT intensity (on the fastest sweep speeds), to
see if the CRT is in good shape or is worned out.

Anyway, you must consider that those scopes are - at least - 30 years old,
and there is a lot of things that can be worn-out. To start with, the big
electrolytic capacitors of the low voltage power supplies, if they haven't
been replaced yet, they're very likely to fail soon enough.

All in all, at that price or even a little bit cheaper, there's at least a
couple of other Tek scopes of the same family and age selling at
MercadoLivre. Some of which are selling for almost a year, so the seller
may feel tempted to accept an offer.

I bought mine about 1 year ago, also from ML, for about half of that
price... and to Brazilian standards, THAT was a bargain!... but I have
already spent about the same amount in parts, to put it fully in shape. I
must say that I`m almost there!

Welcome to the Tek lovers place!



2017-06-29 17:31 GMT-03:00 ric_rock@... [TekScopes] <


My name is Ricardo, I am from Brasil (or Brazil) and I am looking for a
Tektronix 465 scope.

So I started to find informations about this model (by google) and I found
a post somewhere in internet that said this is the best place about
Tektronix scopes.

So here I am, and apreciate to get some infos about Tektronix 465 (what I
need to know to buy with confidence).

I am looking for this add:

I don´t know if it is in a good shape. The value is aprox. 300 US$.

There are some pictures in the link above.

I am looking for a scope to build (and repair) some áudio amplifiers (to
be honest, to buy some chinese kits).

Thanks for helping, and excuse my poor english.

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