Re: General advice on replacement of old decoupling tantalum capacitors (by new tants or alum. lytics).

Chuck Harris

Visually, other than reading the number, that is, the
150D style doesn't have an annular crimp ring around
the "+" end like an aluminum electrolytic has... it has
straight sides. It also has a glass seal, with a ball
where the lead meets the seal.

The 109D style came in two cases. The oldest has the
end with the seal much larger in diameter, and the seal
is usually white teflon. The newer style has an annular
crimp ring around the "+" end, like an aluminum electrolytic.
The newer style often leaks, even while in storage.

-Chuck Harris

David Wise david_wise@... [TekScopes] wrote:

Many of the hermetic-seal dry-slug caps used by HP were Sprague 150D series. You
can find catalog pages online here and there. They also used some 109D wet-slug
caps. Nasty when the seal fails, the acid can dissolve PCB traces. There's one
in every 8552 spectrum analyzer IF module.

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