Re: 11403A as bench scope, how useful is it?


On 20 Jun 2017 15:33:19 +0000, you wrote:

I have the opportunity to acquire an 11403A with some errors. (I am optimistic about reparability)

My question is:

How useful is this beast, compared to my 2465B, when my main usage is repair and troubleshooting of amplifiers, other oscilloscopes, playing with Arduino etc.
I think it would work great for these applications. 20 MS/s is plenty
fast for a real time updated display and I bet it has a better update
rate than the 20 MS/s 2230 which itself is completely useable for
general purpose work.

Common power supply troubleshooting includes watching the start-up
behavior and 20 MS/s is fast enough for that as well.

The only thing it is missing is peak detection.

Are there other advantages that I did not see yet?
An 11403A would be especially useful anywhere transient response is
important because it supports differentiation and phase/magnitude FFTs
which allows for easy network analysis. There are only a few DSOs
which can do this and very few modern ones.

It has a 10 bit ADC and with self calibration, higher accuracy than
most DSOs and even 3.5 digit voltmeters.

The dual timebases support delayed and delta delays displays with
200ps timing resolution in single shot mode and 10ps resolution for
repetitive signals. This largely makes up for the lack of huge record

With one of the faster vertical plug-ins, this DSO might be good
enough to make jitter measurements on low performance logic and
Tektronix even had option 1S to support this so I suspect they thought
so also.

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