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Fabio Trevisan

Hey Vince,

Nice curriculum! I love aircrafts in general and Helicopters are indeed a
fascinating thing (with the rotational collective control... that's an
ingenious idea!).
Nice to know about the A350... It was about time for Airbus to come up with

Just answering you about the "relative" closeness of Brazil to the US...
Indeed, would it be just the distance I'd say I'd be a happy man.

But Brazil, since I was young has been a country that raised or sustained A
LOT of importation barriers, banning or heavily taxing the importation of
pretty much everything that is or could be manufactured in Brazil, with the
excuse of protecting the Brazilian manufacturers and allow our "wannabe"
hi-tech industry to flourish (Bah... bulls...t!).
Any semi-educated Brazilian know, however, that this market protection only
served 3 purposes.
1, Make Customs officers rich (who would get bribes to look to the other
side when smugglers were passing, but smugglers were more interested in
consumer electronics, not scopes).
2. To make some Brazilian industry big shots richer, allowing them to
manufacture lousy stuff and sell them for absurd prices, without risk of
3. Ultimately, to prevent Brazilian entrepreneurs and scientists from
having access to 1st grade R&D lab equipment, which eventually condemned 3
generation of technology students of all kinds to change profession or to
be workforce to multi-national industries which eventually had some branch
here, to do mostly unintelligent work (after all, multi-national R&D is
always at the headquarters).

In the nineties, a progressive president (who was, granted, a crook, and
was impeached) eventually withdrawn most of the importation bans, allowing
stuff to be at least imported legally... But with such high importation
duties that it remained prohibitive to buy imported stuff.
Once again, well established industrial big shots took advantage of the -
now legal - importation, and fired their manufacturing employees and
started buying everything from China. even with high importation duties, it
was still cheaper than paying the local worker (and no hassle... who wants
to deal with a worker, with all his rights?).
I was caught by that wave in 1991. The computer manufacturer I worked for,
started importing motherboards from Taiwan and sliced 90% of their

Add to this the rate of exchange, of about 3.3 BRL : 1 USD and you have an
ugly picture.

If I want to buy, say, a 60 bucks UNI-T multimeter from e-bay or even from
AliExpress, it will knock my door at roughly R$ 500,00.

So, all the Hi-tek equipment from the 70s, 80s and 90s, that could be
affordable nowadays to the hobbyist, are very rare (because they didn't
make it to Brazil back at the time) and whoever have them, still sell it
for big money (or they ask for big money without ever selling it, I don't



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Hi Fabio,

By the way, you said you're on Aircraft maintenance business... I can't
refrain from asking... Do you work for Air France?
Nope.. I don't work in maintenance, sadly.. I was TRAINED for that.. but I
found out that MRO companies do'nt waste time/money on newbies like me...
they hire only seasoned people...
A week before passing my final exam, I got recruited by a company that
does Quality Control. So that's what I have been doing for the past 5
years. I work at a major Airbus site (in Saint-Nazaire), mostly on the new
airbus programe, thee A350 XWB (carbon plane, competition for the Boeing
787 "Dreamliner").
I also worked for 6 month on the A400M, the new military Aircraft,
supposed to free Europe from buying american C130... but it's doesn't quite
work so we keep buying C130 until the A400M finally can be made to work...

Hell I DID work in maintenance... for 3 weeks only, as part of our one
year training program we had to do a 3 week mini-placement. I love
helicopters, especially off-shore/oil and Gas, and luckily I managed to be
accepted at "Heli-Union", a French company that's one of the world wide
leaders in oil and gas heli transportation. In northern America the
equivalent would be the famous 'CHC'. Inthe UK 'Bristow'. In Belgium 'NHV'
is very young in this market but with great ambitions and growing fast

My 3 weeks there were very intense, I loved every minute of it. I got the
chance to work mostly on one of my favorite heli, the military version of
the "Dauphin"/Dolphin Helicopter (from AĆ©rospatiale/Eurocopter/ Now "Airbus
Helicopter."). That heli is quite well know in the USA too, as we sold
quite a few there, for coast guard/search and rescue missions, known
there/rebadged as the " HH 65"

As for your collection, for someone who's (only) 39 and not working
directly on the electronics / R&D or Repair / business, you have quite an
impressive assortment!
They are old and not very expensive (compared to what the equivalent would
cost new...)

I wish I could say the same. I'm 53 and only one year ago I managed to
my first Tek...this stuff is hard to get by in Brazil and when they show
up, it's always expensive.
Brazil is much closer to the US than I am... shipping should be more
reasonable I would think ? Can't you just buy stuff on-line on Ebay USA and
get it shipped to your country ??

Just realized... in my first message, replace "TDS 360" with "TDS 310" , I
got mixed up ! Yeah I admit, I don't know my TDS3XX family tree by heart
just yet... I wish it were a 360 though, 310 is only 200MS/s, 360 has 1GS/s
it appears, and a floppy drive to boot (pun intended..). But who cares, now
that I have the 544A.


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