Re: New member introduction...

Vincent Trouilliez

Hi Siggy,

the service manuals are like a master class in analog engineering.
Yeah I love these old comprehensive manuals, so much to learn from them. I am still watching at the schematics of the pre-regulator of my 2232 scope in bed at night, while trying to find sleep. I am trying to figure out exactly how the "start-up"/boot-strap mechanism works exactly... am getting there but slowly, but not 100% clear just yet.... :-/
Having the GROUND power pin of the PWM chip, connected to the 40V OUTPUT rail of the regulator, is a bit disconcerting at first...

I'm now at 2*7834 (one still has PSUproblems), 485 (oooh, what a beauty!),
a 2465, 2467 (oooh!), 2340, TDS684A (broken, probably not fixable),
Well not bad ! :-)

and a TDS784D.
Oh, my dream TDS, I want it ! LOL :-))))

All bought in various state of disrepair for the pleasure of repairing them.
Yep, I am finding it more and more fun to troubleshoot stuff. My 2232 however puts me under some pressure though, because unlike all the other gear I am trying to fix, this scope is my main scope, so I really would like / need to fix it ASAP. Almost there though... maybe I won't even need to post about it here in the end, but will anyway.. a short thread just to describe what I did... might still help other newbies like me.


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