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Fabio Trevisan

Hey guys,
Count me in too!
Concurrently, as a comment, I am a member of a forum about Home Theater and
Audio in Brazil, which has a fairly decent interface.
To post there, I never needed to resort to my own e-mail client (as in
Yahoo) and I can edit messages in rich text, include pictures in line or as
attachments to the posts, and even edit previously posted posts to correct
tor typos, etc...all from withing the Forum web interface.
I will try to get in contact with that forum's administrator to see where
they host it and what Forum engine they use....Maybe you would be

2017-06-16 15:38 GMT-03:00 Sergey Kubushyn @KSI [TekScopes] <

On Fri, 16 Jun 2017, Tom tomc@... [TekScopes] wrote:

Please count me in too.

I second the suggestion to use PayPal. I'll send money as soon as it is
set up.

With all of the active users here it shouldn't be a problem to raise $99
per year.

I prefer to deal with firms that charge for their services. They are
more likely
to stick around and care about their customers.


On 6/14/17 2:17 PM, Vince Vielhaber vev@... [TekScopes] wrote:
Why not just use paypal? Makes it easy for people to donate and you
should be able to set up auto payments to


On 06/14/2017 05:08 PM, Dave Daniel kc0wjn@... [TekScopes] wrote:

A while back, we set up a web-based method for people to donate to the
Lyons Outdoor Games. I don't remember how it worked, but I can try and
find out.


On 6/14/2017 8:45 AM, Michael Dunn md@... [TekScopes]

The main reason we haven’t jumped over to is that the free
package only supports 1GB of storage, and we’re well over that
(currently around 2.5 GB files + photos, excluding the two “arc”
groups, which we’d have to manually move if the owners aren’t

For $99/year, they offer 10GB. If we decided to go for that, it would
then only be a question of how to handle donations, preferably along
with a way to decline all funds if enough isn’t donated in total (a

Do Interac “eTransfers” exist in the US? Those have to be explicitly
accepted, so are a potential mechanism for this. Other ideas?

Michigan VHF Corp.

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