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Somewhere I have the RCA transistor databook with those 5 digit

The thing I always remember about them is that they used nickel plated
steel cases which tended to rust.

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RCA used to used a five digit code for semiconductors that hadn't been assigned a JEDEC number. Their predecessor to the 2N3055 was a 100 V version that they called the 40411. It was part of a consecutive set from 40406-40411 for their first Quasi-Complementary 701W audio amplifier design which was shown in their semiconductor handbook, around 1970. There was no stated logic for the numbering, and it appeared to just be sequential. Once they were assigned a JEDEC number, the old numbering was removed from current literature, making it difficult to find any data.

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AFAIK there is no Q110.

There is a transistor identified as line -110 in the
parts blow up, which is Q1108, as it is also identified
on the schematic. It is listed as being a 151-0140-00,
and as a 36568, whatever that is....
Michael A. Terrell

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