Tektronix 50 Ohm Terminator / Attenuators

Fabio Trevisan

Hello Folks,

It just showed up on a brazilian local auction site MercadoLivre (ebay in
Brazil is not popular) some Tektronix 50Ohm Terminators / attenuators.
See the links below, to each one that this seller have available.
The price is not stratospheric as it would be usual for this kind of stuff
in Brazil, so I`ll probably get some, to aid to my oscilloscope calibration

I have 3 questions about those attenuators:
1. Are they prone to malfunction, or degradation of any kind or... as long
as they're not burned-out I can consider them to be in working order?

2. About their impedance... Do they present 50 Ohm INPUT impedance, as well
as 50 Ohm output impedance?

3. About their attenuation factor, does it take in account for being loaded
by 50Ohm at its output, or the attenuation factor is the voltage divider
factor per-se, and it will be further halved when connected to a 50 Ohm

At last, are any of those attenuators rare, or collectible or of particular
interest to anyone in the group?
If anyone in the group is interested, I can order them locally and ship it
to you (No affiliation to the seller on my side). I am not sure if
Mercadolivre can work directly for purchasers outside Brazil (or south
america, being that the site is actually Argentinian).








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