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It will be interesting to hear what Steve Ripper has to say about the
very nice looking handles on his 575.

What I did with my 575's was buy the slightly later style 500 series
handle bar that uses two handles with plastic grips.
The complete handle bar will not fit the 575, but the mounting hole
pattern for later style handles will make the newer handles mount in
such a way as to cover up the old holes on the original 575 top bar.
You center the later hole pattern on the older hole pattern and bolt the
new handles onto the 575 top bar.

You often see the later style top bar with two plastic handles for sale
on eBay. Here's one that is on eBay today as an example.
I can take some pictures of the later style handles mounted on a 575 if
any one is interested.
tom jobe...

On 5/9/2017 9:02 AM, 'John Snyder' [TekScopes] wrote:

Real nice restoration.

Can you tell us more about the handles and what restoration you may have

I have a number of 500's, none of my handles look close to yours.


P.S. this link worked better for me no password requested.

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I love my 575. Have a couple in storage in case I ever need a spare.
One of
my hobbies is the restoration of vintage TEK scopes (if it doesn't have
tube's I am not interested). Would like to get a 570 but prices here
in the
USA are very high. Don't see for them for less than $4,000. Here is a link
to photos of one of my restored 575 tracers.

Steve Ripper

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