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On Fri, 5 May 2017, David @DWH [TekScopes] wrote:

Recalibrating the transient response is not trivial on these; it
requires a reference level pulse generator like a PG506. What you
could do instead is apply the same fast pulse to both channels and
adjust C375 until the pulse response of channel 2 is as close as
possible to channel 1. If you do not have anything better, then the
sync or trigger output from a function generator is probably fast
For square waves I have a PG502, an FG504, an IEC F34, a Wavetek 145, and
an old DataPulse 101. I think the PG502 is the fastest of those. I could
also build a Jim Williams fast edge circuit.

When you say refernece level you mean that the peaks have to be very
accurate calibrated? (The amplitude of the square wave) ??

Thanks again.
A reference level pulse generator has a fast edge with a very clean
pulse response and a minimum of aberrations so it can be used as an
absolute reference for transient response. The 7A18 is only 75 MHz so
your PG502 is fast enough and I think you can get by the clean edge
requirement by applying the pulse to both channels and adjusting C375
so that channel 2 matches channel 1.

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