Re: Type 503 Oscilloscope Issues

Dave Casey

Got it. That warping, as you call it, sounds like the horizontal amplifier
being flaky. The first step toward tracking down those kinds of issues is
making sure your power supplies are in order, so you're not starting in the
wrong place.

It's weird that you're seeing such a wide range of voltages on the +85V
bus. Repeatable measurements for nodes like that would be a good goal to
strive for.

Dave Casey

On Thu, May 4, 2017 at 2:04 PM, enchanter464@... [TekScopes] <
TekScopes@...> wrote:

The warping phenomena that I have been observing is that the waves
periodically stretch and compress horizontally around the center of the
scope after a certain amount of time running. This may be normal behavior,
but it only occurred more frequently before the scope had died. When using
the scope in X-Y mode, it results in non-symmetrical Lissajous circles.

As for the measurements, I will double check them later tonight with
another DMM that I can borrow from a lab that has smaller alligator clip
leads (and try to fit them better around the resistors for measurements).

All of the measurements I made had the probes attached before the scope is
on, and I turn it off between each test point to avoid any shorts.


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