Re: Another scope 7854

Joe Laffey

On May 3, 2017, at 8:44 PM, @Raymond [TekScopes]
To fully utilise the horizontal and vertical speeds that the 7854 is capable of, a 7A19 (or 7A29) amplifier and a 7B92(A) would be a very nice setup. Be aware that the 7A19 and 7A29 are single-channel and that the 7B92(A) is a dual time base with delay.
With a 7B92(A) you'd have one horizontal slot unused. A 7D15 counter/timer would be nice to have real-time frequency and timing info.
Thanks for the info. Just because I am new to these dual trace mainframes... would you be able to use two 7A19 amplifiers with one 7A29 time base?

Could I use 7A19 and the 7A18 that came with it, along with a time base and get three channels, albeit limited by the bandwidth of the 7A18?

Joe Laffey

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