Re: TDS744A input failure.


On Tue, 25 Apr 2017 at 06:25 David @DWH [TekScopes] <
TekScopes@...> wrote:

The TDS520B service manual shows the 50 ohm termination before the

high impedance attenuators but I do not see how that could apply to
the 1 GHz versions.
The 1 GHz scopes use the same attenuator modules. People have successfully
"upgraded" e.g. the 500 MHz/2 GS TDS754 to 1 GHz/4 GS TDS784-equivalent.
The 2/3 GHz 694 uses 50Ohm-only input attenuators that are presumably of a
more exacting design. Presumably the transmission line stubs that the
relays and high-impedance attenuators make become unworkable somewhere
beyond 1 GHz.

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