Re: Tek 465 multiplier


Thanks for bringing this up. The capacitors and diodes need to handle
the peak to peak input voltage which of course means they need to
handle more than that for reliability.

On Mon, 24 Apr 2017 17:37:04 -0300, you wrote:

Hello David,

Sticking up my nose...

It grabbed my attention that Sam mentioned in his initial post he'd be
using 3kV caps and I`m confused about that...

Isn't it that the capacitors need to withstand the peak-to-peak voltage
(i.e. 5kV) ?

As I saw it, I got doubtful if it's the peak voltage or peak-to-peak...

If it's peak-to-peak, I suppose he need to use - at least - 6.8kV caps.



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