Re: 7S14 Dual Trace Sampler Mercury Cell Replacement

David DiGiacomo

The Photography guys also have a need for the mercury cells in some
single cell light meters. Their solution? An "N" alkaline cell with a
germanium diode in series. The discharge curves are identical in their
Not really relevant since the exact voltage isn't important for the
7S14, and no current is drawn.

I don't know what cell the 7S14 Dual Trace Sampler used...
#313 cells with tabs, 2 per channel

I think building a 1.35V constant voltage power supply would be a much more elegant solution.
The problem is that 2 separate 2.7V floating supplies need to be built
in a very limited space. The battery and photovoltaic solutions that
have been developed are both good though.

(Note, a small lithium cell per channel would also work fine - CR1220?)

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