Re: 7623A power supply low

Roger Evans

Replacing U973 with discrete transistors requires getting two emitter leads into pin3 socket so it might be tricky. My 7623A manual shows U973 as a Tektronix part 156-0065-00 in the parts list, but the schematic has an annotation of *CA3046. If the 7623A comes with a 7B53A, which would be the most likely timebase plugin, there should be two CA3046 socketed in the 7B53A, U720 and U744. You could swap one of the CA3046 from the timebase or be more conservative and buy some spares, they are very cheap. (The reason that I know about the CA3046 in the 7B53A is that one had failed in the 7603 that I bought a couple of years ago - my first 7000 series scope!).


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