Re: A Vacuum Tube Curve Tracer for all Tek Semiconductor Curve Trace


As I happened to save an old 1970 Radio Masters catalog, Ilooked up the Vector part numbers for their 7 and 9-pin tube base plugs andtheir related round enclosures with 7 and 9-pin bases.

Plugs: P7 (7-pin plug), P9 (9-pin base), K1.402b (similar to7P), K1.334 (same as 7P, except with hooked terminals), K1.434 (same as 9P,except hooked terminals).

Small round aluminum cans with tube base plugs: G2.2-10-10 (7-pin miniature, 5/8” round canwith terminal board), G2.1-8 (9-pin miniature, ¾” round can with internalspacer), G2.1-8F (G2.2.1-8 woith no internal spacer), G2.1-8-4 (9-pin, ¾” roundwith terminal board), 2.2-8F (7-pin. 5/8” round with no spacer), G2.2-8-4(7-pin with 5/8” can with tewrminal board)

Perhaps some of these can be turned up somewhere.


Bruce, KG6OJI

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