Re: Tek Instruction Manual (aka "Bible")

Colin Herbert

I have just realised that Bill and Stan's Tektronix Resource Site at:

might be of use to you. The "Reference" page gives all sorts of comparisons
such as a CRT part number/Oscilloscope model database and transistor part
number/generic transistor number database.

You could do worse that downloading the Service Manuals for these two scopes
and check through the part-numbers yourself. It's a bit fiddly and, as David
says, check to make sure that the serial numbers on your scopes match up
with what the Service Manual covers. Since they are pretty much all free to
download, what do you have to lose?


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Hey all, sorry to revive this thread, but quick follow up question
regarding similar models...

Are the 465 and 466 close enough in terms of parts that I might be able to
part a 465 (particularly the fan motor) to fix the 466? Or the other way

The owner of the 465 says <>;
the following,

"and now it appears that the CRT isn't producing a trace. The illumination
function works on the display, but no trace."




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