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Colin Herbert


I have Service Manuals for 465, 465B and 466 scopes. The 465 and 466 would
appear to have pretty much the same fan motor and circuit. The circuit
number for the fan motor is B1690 in both cases, with Tek part number
147-0035-00. They are made by Siemens and the manufacturers number is
1AD3001-OA. This would suggest strongly that they can be swapped, but others
might know more certain from experience. However, the 465B is a rather
different thing; the fan motor isn't the same as the 465 and 466. I hope
this helps.


PS. I think there may be an error on the fan motor circuit for the 466; it
shows a +5V on connector 9 of the motor, where the 465 circuit shows this as

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Hey all, sorry to revive this thread, but quick follow up question
regarding similar models...

Are the 465 and 466 close enough in terms of parts that I might be able to
part a 465 (particularly the fan motor) to fix the 466? Or the other way

The owner of the 465 says <>;
the following,

"and now it appears that the CRT isn't producing a trace. The illumination
function works on the display, but no trace."




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