Re: Tek 464 - Advice on soldering shielding mesh to Vertical Output IC case


For jobs like this, I use my largest soldering iron tip for its high
heat capacity. Soldering then takes just a second or two; the large
surface area transfers a lot of heat rapidly and the large heat
capacity means the temperature drop is small so there is no need to
wait for reheating.

The rubber/emery abrasive wheel from a Dremel is perfect for cleaning
the surface before soldering if necessary without scratching the whole
top. I do not know if they are still available but the white erasers
used for ink (the ones that tear up the paper) work well also.

If soldering is still difficult, then a tiny bit of dilute HCl acid
will help a lot but I doubt this will be necessary. Kester actually
makes some acidic surface cleaners (Copper Nu 5520, Nickel Nu 5530)
which work great as fluxes but good luck finding them.

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I don't think this should be of any problem. The die itself is attached to the bottom of the IC, not the to of the case where you'll solder it. If you are worried, put the IC on some cooling, such as a wet sponge.
To solder the case, first scrape or sand the top and using a lot of flux. Then melt some solder on the case and you can solder the braid. It may sound strange, but use high power (but temperature controlled) iron. This will let you solder it quickly without heating the whole IC.


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