Re: CORRECTION: Tek 2445 vs Tek 2430A (My bad, originally sent as vs 2435A)


On Sun, 26 Mar 2017 at 22:05 Lee Houde [TekScopes] <> wrote:

I have 3 Tek 2445 scopes and one Tek 2430A scope. While idly bumming around
eBay, I noticed that it seemed to me the 2445s were less common and on
average more expensive than the 2430As. Seeing as how the 2430A is a DSO
and the 2445 is analog I would have expected the opposite. Am I wrong in
this thinking or am I missing something?
Hey Lee,

I don't have a direct answer to your question, except to say that my 2430
is a pretty limited DSO. The update rate is pretty low, the realtime
bandwidth is limited to ~40MHz and the record length is only 1024 samples.
The only features the 2430A has over a 2445 are pre-trigger signal viewing,
and some measurements (this is very limited on my 2430, I've never used a
I'd guess that's why the 2430A isn't too popular, it just wasn't a super
great scope to begin with.

Try looking as something like a video signal or an AM modulated carrier,
and I bet you'll run for your 2445s.


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