Re: CORRECTED POST : Tek 2445 vs Tek 2430A (Tek 2435A)


In 1991, the 2445B was $4000 and the 2430A was $8000 from Tektronix
but it would not surprise me of Tektronix sold more entry level 2430/A
DSOs than low bandwidth 2445/A/B analog oscilloscopes leading to the
situation today where the 2430/A is more common than the 2445/A/B
because at the time, DSOs with automatic measurements were very rare
but analog oscilloscopes were common.

On 27 Mar 2017 02:14:30 +0000, you wrote:

I have 3 Tek 2445 scopes and one Tek 2430A scope. While idly bumming around eBay, I noticed that it seemed to me the 2445s were less common and on average more expensive than the 2430As. Seeing as how the 2430A is a DSO and the 2445 is analog I would have expected the opposite. Am I wrong in this thinking or am I missing something?

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