Re: CORRECTED POST : Tek 2445 vs Tek 2430A (Tek 2435A)


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I have 3 Tek 2445 scopes and one Tek 2430A scope. While idly bumming
around eBay, I noticed that it seemed to me the 2445s were less common and
on average more expensive than the 2430As. Seeing as how the 2430A is a DSO
and the 2445 is analog I would have expected the opposite. Am I wrong in
this thinking or am I missing something?
I think 2445s were always less common than their big brother, the 2465.
I've seen lots and lots of 2465x in my career, including the three I own,
but rarely a 2445. 2430 and 2430A DSOs were also fairly common. I suspect
the difference in price and availability today is down to demand for what
they are. A 2445 is a really good modern analogue scope, and does the
things that people want from a good analogue scope, so they fetch high
prices and sell quickly. You just can't buy a good new analogue scope any

A 2430A is a very old DSO and looks pretty poor in many respects compared
with the competition from a few years later or from new Chinese scopes.
I've got one, and I use it, and it works well for me, and gives me a faint
nostalgia for the days when a 2430 was the only DSO available in the lab
and I had to ask special permission from the manager to use it, getting it
out of a locked cupboard. But would I recommend someone to buy one today?
Probably not. Hence why they no longer fetch high prices.


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