Re: Distributor experience with Mouser and Newark Element 14

Dave Casey

For the many NTE parts Mouser does not stock (they do have a tiny baby's
handful), I usually just go get them locally at Fry's electronics. If you
need more than two of anything, Fry's won't have it on the shelf but you
can order it from them online.

Dave Casey

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I routinely use Mouser when I need parts and I want them to arrive quickly.
I place at least one order a month and sometimes as many as two or three a
month ($25 to $100 per order).

I use Mouser because over the years I have found that they seem to have the
best selection of electronic components. Mouser lets me eliminate
non-stocked items from my parts search.

Mouser will also do an automatic check of inventory up to an instant before
you press send to confirm the parts are in stock.

Their orders always ship the same day.

Even though I pick the cheapest USPS shipping ($4.95) the parts arrive no
later than 4 days after I order them. Often they are in my mailbox in 3
days. I'm in Seattle which is 2084 miles away from them in Texas.

That delivery speed and 3 or 4 day consistency is a complement to our
system and UPS which handles the package part of the way.

I have every indication from my experiences with Mouser that I get the same
excellent service that a company placing a $10,000 order gets. But I

Compare my Mouser experience with Newark Element 14.

A friend recently had a need for an NTE107 transistor which I said I would
include in my next Mouser order.

I discovered that Mouser didn't carry it and very few other distributors
did. The most prominent distributor with it in stock was Newark Element 14.

So I decided to order 10 of the NTE107 TO-18 transistors to see how Newark
Element 14 compared to Mouser.

There is no choice on regular shipping options and no hint how much they
will be charging me for shipping. That was annoying. Mouser tells me how
much the shipping will be and how fast it will arrive for each of the 10
shipping choices they offer.

The 10 NTE107 TO-18 transistors came to $10 so how much could shipping be
something that you could slip into a business envelope and mail for $2.00?

They immediately acknowledged my order. Then nothing happened for 2 weeks!

Then I got a notice that my order was scheduled to be filled soon. What did
that mean? Was lunch break finally over and they were going to get back to
work? Not quite.

A few days later I got another notice that my order had been filled. But
they mail it??? Apparently not as I soon discovered. It was now scheduled
for mailing.

A day later I got another notice that they finally got around to mailing

When I got the final bill I saw that shipping was more than I paid for the
parts - it was $14.00, the parts cost $10.00. On top of it all they charged
me Sales Tax of $2.00. There is no tax on orders from Mouser.

That's the first and last time I'll ever use Newark Element 14. My
impression is they couldn't care less about being in business. With that
attitude they won't be in business much longer.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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