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Hi David,

Good deal. If I'm not mistaken, if you get the voltage calibrations done, provided the precision resistors for the various Ohms ranges are still good, then I think the Ohms mode is calibrated in the process. I see pots in series and parallel with the meter movement and if those have been set incorrectly, it will affect most, if not all, modes/ranges.

While short, low-resistance, leads are good, they're not all that critical for most resistance measurements. You'd most likely only be introducing a few extra Ohms which doesn't really matter that much if you're measuring resistances of hundreds or thousands of Ohms with normal tolerances.

Good luck with it.

Barry - N4BUQ

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Hi @barry...

meant to say thank you for pointing me back to the Simpson260 site. I had
been there for both the user and repair manual but didn't think to look
harder for a separate calibration manual. In fact, there is one there for
my meter and it looks like it was prepared for the military. So, good news
is that there's a calibration manual and I'll probably be able to get the
volts dialed in just as soon as I can hook up to something with more than
250 volts (like an amp that I don't currently have in my possession). Bad
news is that there's no calibration for ohms. Slight silver lining is that
there's a footnote that says to use short test leads when doing resistance
testing. So, I need to build or acquire some leads that are shorter than
the ones I've got to see if that works.

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