Re: Using a new Hantek 200 mhz scope


I use my 2440 or 2247A for a similar reason; automatic measurements,
peak to peak automatic triggering, and probe autoset means I can work
faster without having to adjust the oscilloscope directly.

My complaints about cheap and even some modern DSOs is loss of
functionality like delayed aquisition for high resolution timing
measurements and poor automatic measurements which lie. I could live
with the poor displays if that was their only problem although old
Tektronix vector based DSOs like the 2232 and 2440 have good looking
displays despite their lack of index grading because they have very
high display resolution.

On 24 Feb 2017 17:21:57 +0000, you wrote:

I own 4 Tek scopes. I typically use one of my 465s for trouble shooting. I spent 300 dollars at Circuit Specialists for one of their solid state scopes. I had it sitting there on my bench when a Kenwood TS-940S came in for repair. I decided that now was the time to see if that cheap little scope could do what it claimed. I used it exclusively to track down a problem in the RF board. It had low receiver sensitivity.

Looking at the Frequency, voltage, displayed visually on the side of the picture took some getting used to. It had a lot of other information like DC voltage, but most of the other stuff was of no interest to me.

The trace on the Hantek is not as crisp and pretty as my 465. I found that to be a little nuisance. I had been spoiled by that beautiful trace on the 465. However, it turned out to be a question of looks versus function. I tracked down the spot on that RF board where the signal turned to crap. I did it quite quickly. I had a print with the voltages noted. I found a local oscillator amplifier transistor that was not amplifying and voltages on it were wrong. The scope probe showed me that DC voltage right there in front of me. I liked the fact that I could put my probe on a transistor and just push auto set. It would then display a nice signal in front of me already synced up with all the important numbers on the side.

At that price, it is very hard to quibble about the lack of beauty in the trace. It works for trouble shooting radios for me. I now prefer it over my 465. I know, blasphemy. I am sure it will not be long before that a Hantek is made with a very beautiful crisp trace. In case anyone wonders, I have no interest in Hantek other than owning one of their scopes. The times they are a changing.

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