Re: Tektronix 545B fan oil location and tubes

Kevin Wood G7BCS

Hi David,

That component looks identical to a device on my 546. It's a light guide
that channels light from the two graticule illumination bulbs above the
screen into the side of the tube face which, on my 546, has the graticule
lines built in.

I wonder if your scope has had a tube change for one that doesn't have the
built-in graticule lines in the past, or the plexiglass components have
been swapped with a scope with internal graticule lines?

Best Regards


Hello, Thank you for your assistance Kevin & Chuck, I have learnt a lot
more about how the oscilloscope works than I knew previously. As for the
graticle, I have one on my 555 (which is currently in an unknown-working
state, needs a lot of checking, apparently hasn't been started for over 20
years....) which I can pinch if I need it. The 545 does have a Plexiglas
component where the graticle should be which seems to hold the plastic
cover in place, so I'm a little curious about it:

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