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Everything, even a humble piece of solid wire, has failure mechanisms. Humans have lots of them. Stars have them on a longer scale. The fundamental particles in the universe have failure mechanisms too and eventually decay although the timescale for those is hundreds of orders of magnitude longer. It is all just a matter of time and of failure rates.

Good engineering involves balancing things like failure rates, costs, space constraints, manpower, parts availability, repairability, usability, uniqueness, etc.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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Apparently electrolytic's aren't the only cap that can fail.

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It was a small mylar cap. The ones that are cased in clear plastic. They look silver as you can see the foil inside. I doubt it would work on an electrolytic. I do not remember ever making anything work by heating an electrolytic. I suppose it could, maybe does, happen. I remember trying to heat the exposed metal on some but do not remember that it ever helped.

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