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I wonder if you recall what kind of cap that was that you found with the resista-heater. I only think of electrolytics being subject to age. But I imagine others could fail as well.
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  On the 2465 I just got going, heating the board with a hair drier worked to make it start working right. But freezing would not make it act up. Had to heat the MUX with a soldering iron to isolate the problem.

When you do need freeze spray and do not have easy access to it; get a can of compressed air that is used to blow dust from computers. You can turn it upside down and get the same effect as the freeze spray.

I once had a problem with a computer monitor that would come on when heated. I put a wire wound resister on the end of a dowel and connected it to a 12 v supply. I used that to reach into its innards and isolate a small cap that was causing the problem.

Probably none of the is news to most on here, but it might help sombody. Hope so anyway.

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