LF Compensation of a 468 scope

Colin Herbert


Does no-one have any observations on this? Perhaps I am being too impatient.

I have ordered two of these BNC-to-Peltola adapters from Qservice, so I have
to wait a while for the delivery before I can do much more. I remain puzzled
that this scope and the 465B and no others in the 46x series (or the 475A)
use this method.


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I have now got to the point of trying to adjust the Low-Frequency
Compensation. I believe that I have a little too much overshoot. The manual
states that on the Vertical Output Board there are five pre-sets which
affect the compensation at 1, 10 and 100KHz. That is all very well, but
there is also a requirement set the 486 vertical mode to CH1 & CH2 alternate
and disconnect P686 from J686 on the interface board. This J686 is the "Vert
Alt Sync". Now, either a 1KHz square-wave from a low-frequency generator (an
SG502?), or the fast-rise negative output from the PG506 is connected to
J686 with a BNC-to-Peltola adaptor. I don't understand why this is
considered to be necessary or what it is actually doing.

Neither the 464 nor the 465 scopes use this protocol, but the 465B does. Is
it really necessary, or could one simply leave P686/J686 connected and just
adjust the pre-set on the Vertical Output Board?

Any help and information appreciated. I am learning a lot fiddling with this



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