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Hi Brent,
To get an intermittent to act up I reach for two things. I grab a can of
freeze spray, and a hair dryer. Use the hair dryer to warm up the entire
plugin. Do not use a Hot Air Gun - it gets too hot.

The freeze spray allows you to focus tighter on individual ICs or on small
areas of the PC board. More often than not the heat or the cold will trigger
an intermittent back to life.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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I forgot to mention that, initially last week the problem began with the
sweep working fine for the first 30 seconds and then quit. It might come
back for a few moments, even another 30 seconds on occasion before not
working at all: I assumed from a component warming up. This week however it
has not worked at all. I was able to use a thermal camera to look at heat on
the boards and found nothing unusual.Whatever it is, it isn't intermittent
any longer.
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