Re: Repaired a 7A13: thank you TekScopes people


Thank you David for your advice. I replaced the twin capacitor of the shorted one on the -15V supply line and the trace looks clean again. Before it looked like something was not right, even if a different plugin than the 7A13 was chosen.

Now I am left with a 7B80 plugin that triggers but shows no trace. It is full of "modern" electrolytics inside, so either a previous owner had replaced them, or it was already designed that way. I do have a working timebase, so it will probably rest few more years in a drawer with a visible note of a possible area to look for the failure. I am left with a doubt: I have a R7603 chassis, but 7B80 manual says it is for 7700, 7800, 7900 series. Could this be the cause of no trace showing up?!

Long live Tek instruments!

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