Re: Vintage HP Signal Generator Acquired

Dave Casey

Well it's also a business decision. Ashley was refurbishing these for
resale and didn't want them coming back for silly reasons. If you're
maintaining your own, you only cost yourself if you replace the bad ones
and others fail shortly thereafter.

Dave Casey

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Replace all of the caps. Frankly speaking, we never tested any of
them. If they were original ?, out they went.
I dunno that I disagree, but as soon as you mention wholesale
replacement, everyone comes out of the wood work to tell you you're
wrong, that HP & Tektronix used better than the average capacitor, and
they are likely still good, yada..yada..yada.. So I was trying to
head off that discussion. I think it has something to do with: :-)

ESR'ing is what I do anymore. Most of the time they're bad anyways.


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