Re: Just call me Mr. Sampler (and button question)

Michael Dunn <mdunn@...>

At 12:27 PM -0800 2001/3/06, Stan or Patricia Griffiths wrote:
Remember, don't handle the sampling diodes with your fingers. Grease from
you fingers will contaminate them and attempts to clean them with alchohol
have been only marginally successful. Also, don't chip the black paint they
are painted with since this will allow light to reach the junction and that
ruins them also. I don't know the exact nature of the failure of sampling
diodes due to exposure to light but I understand it is permanent. Many
sampling diode problems are related to improper diode handling techniques.
When a technician first hears he can't handle them with his fingers, he uses
his needle nosed pliers and chips the paint . . . then he realizes what those
special plastic tweezers that Tek used to ship with new diode sets are for .
Wow. I had no idea they were so fragile. I guess LEDs evolved out of this technology...???

The second (vertically oriented) connector is for feeding digital information
to the 6R1 or 6R1A Digital Readout unit when the 3S76 is used in a 567
Cool. NOT on-screen readout I assume?! Nixies?

Thanks for all the info Stan.


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