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Jokken Feldhaar

Hello Hans-Peter,

this story is from the founder himself, when we were driving between
different plants of the company. But remember, these were the
rathersturdy chassis of the last tube (except CRT) oscilloscopes. He was
an interesting person, and the stories of how he founded the company and
made it great were really interesting.

But the 408 for example, you just had to knockit lightly on the table
while operating, and the horizontal final stage would be shot because of
a short in the deflection plates in the CRT. Manufacturer at that time
was Toshiba. BTDT.

Regards, Jochen DH6FAZ

Am 04.01.2017 um 21:22 schrieb HPD hpdeutsch@... [TekScopes]:


maybe you mixed it up with Motorola Products... ;-)

My Hameg dropped down last week 3 feet and the CRT was broken ;-(

Am 04.01.2017 um 20:32 schrieb Jochen Feldhaar jochen_feldhaar@...

Hi all,

in the late Seventies the founder of the German oscilloscope
manufacturer HAMEG (some sold as B&K in the US, and BBC Metrawatt) was
in negotations with someone from the purchasing department of a big
electronics store, who was trying to tell the founder that he had to
lower his selling price due to poor quality in the last months -
pure BS.

How did he react? Well, he fetched the oscilloscope off the table, held
it with his arms spred horizontally (these were not as heavy as a
TEK....), and let the unit drop 1.5 metres while the oscilloscope was

Needless to say, this ended the discussion, because the scope worked
perfectly even after the drop.

Regards, Jochen DH6FAZ

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