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It looks like the readout ICs are acting up.

There are several possible causes. The most common one is dirty or oxidized
contact between the back of the plugin and the mainframe backplane. This can
be remedied by cleaning the contacts with contact cleaner. Never clean gold
contacts with an eraser.

I would also locate a manual so you can then find out where the readout
board is located. It would be a good idea to reseat all the readout ICs and
any other active devices on that board.

In either case you can put the plugin into any other slot of the scope (the
Tek 7000 scopes are universally flexible in this respect) and the readout
numbers and letters will probably change due to different contact resistance
in the other slots. That will be a clue that contact resistance is the

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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And now this;
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