2235 rear cover - -Many parts on line, all about PAINT!


I do have a the rear apron for a 2235 (actually, all from that series
seem to fit, 2215, 2235, etc.) and can swap for other parts, the blue
paint I got a while back from Tek for an astronomical price, and it
came in a bomb-proof container, shipped as "hazardous materials". I
don't recommend that route. However....all is not lost.

The paint comes in a can marked "Omni-Pak", and is identified as L61
Opex lacquer, L99XXL42, Tek Blue. it also says, Portland Commercial
#4383, and To Re-order, call (503) 249-0222. Try that! Should be a
LOT simpler.

We have loaded a huge number of Tek parts on line in the last month,
semis, pots, CRT's, and cross-ref data where available to our site.
Have a look here:

have a look if you have time.

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