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You made very good choices.

There is no contest. The 7904A is faster and better designed internally than
the 7904.

When Tek came out with the 7904 it was the fastest lab scope available by
far, but they stretched all of their engineering capability to get it to
work at 500MHz.

By the time the 7904A comes out the 7104 was already double its speed. Tek
used everything they had learned at that time to redesign the 7904 into the
7904A. They used a lot of the technology of the 7104 CRT in the 7904A CRT.
As a result the 7904A is a rock solid 600+ MHz scope.

The 7854 display is true analog. Perfectly smooth. It is also digital (It is
really two scopes in one) when you want it to be. In the digital mode it can
either be vector (smooth) or just the X,Y points. There is no rasterizing
going on at all.

The P7001 is a curiosity. It required a separate DEC PDP-8 or PDP-11 to do
anything useful. Keep it if you want but it was rapidly superseded by the
7854 and then, later, by almost all digital scopes when they started

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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Thanks everyone for your inputs. It sounds like the following are the most

7854 - it's fast and it has GPIB

7904(A) - it's faster

7104 - it's *really* fast , especially in XY mode
7834 - analog storage
7603 - it's only 3-bay, but it has a large display

I'd like to stick with 4-bay models, but I might keep a 7603 for when old
age sets in. :)

So now, some follow up questions:

Which is preferred 7904 vs 7904A?
Is the extra bandwidth of the 7904(A) the only advantage over a 7854?
For the 7854, is the display smoothly analog, or is it plotted in a raster,
post sampling?

Another question. I have a p7001 unit that I picked up without a scope.
Is it compatible with anything besides the 7704(A)? And it
USEFUL? Is it worth the effort to install it in a scope?

Now that that's done I need to go through and see exactly what I have in
the herd. I know I have at least three 7104's, a 7934, two (maybe three)
7834's, one or two 7904(A?)'s, and a 7704(A?). Also picked up a 7844 a
while back. I have a 7603, and maybe a 76x3 storage unit.

What I don't have is a 7854. Anyone have one for sale?
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