Re: Advise needed - thinning the herd

Chris Wilkson

Thanks everyone for your inputs. It sounds like the following are the most popular:

7854 - it's fast and it has GPIB

7904(A) - it's faster

7104 - it's *really* fast , especially in XY mode
7834 - analog storage
7603 - it's only 3-bay, but it has a large display

I'd like to stick with 4-bay models, but I might keep a 7603 for when old age sets in. :)

So now, some follow up questions:

Which is preferred 7904 vs 7904A?
Is the extra bandwidth of the 7904(A) the only advantage over a 7854?
For the 7854, is the display smoothly analog, or is it plotted in a raster, post sampling?

Another question. I have a p7001 unit that I picked up without a scope. Is it compatible with anything besides the 7704(A)? And it USEFUL? Is it worth the effort to install it in a scope?

Now that that's done I need to go through and see exactly what I have in the herd. I know I have at least three 7104's, a 7934, two (maybe three) 7834's, one or two 7904(A?)'s, and a 7704(A?). Also picked up a 7844 a while back. I have a 7603, and maybe a 76x3 storage unit.

What I don't have is a 7854. Anyone have one for sale?

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