A precision CRT 1955 video

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I own a 465 and 455M. I really like them both. I trouble shoot with them almost every day. It is a hobby, I am retired. I looked at some of the new scopes being sold from China and am just blown away by the price in real dollars. Is there a catch to buying one of these?

I have a pair of fairly low-end Chinese digital scopes — a 25mhz Owon and a 40mhz GAtten — and they’re fine for most of my hobbyist purposes. However, I really enjoy using my 475, and my 7623, and even my clunky old Solartron CD1400, which I don’t get from clicking through menus on the digital scopes. It’s like the difference between driving a vintage motorcycle vs driving a new Toyota Corolla. The latter may be newer and more refined, but which is more fun?

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