Re: TEK 7104 mainframe CH1/CH2 gain


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Generally are attenuator errors ever fixed by just contact cleaning or are they usually damaged resistors?

I think Dave Partridge answered that but you might have missed it.

Your results are consistent with damage to the resistive elements in the
attenuators which is no surprise. One thing I noticed when looking over the
schematics is that only the input protection relay protects the attenuators.

John and Dennis know more about their construction than I do but maybe the
worst ones are suffering from bad contacts in the attenuator switches? Can
these be disassembled for cleaning and adjusting of the switches?

David Hess
Yes, The 7A29 manual has instructions on adjustment and I have resurrected
several (about 60% of those I've tried - the rest had damaged attenuator

Dave Partridge

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