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Hi Ancel,

No surprise here. The 1103 is a standard product. I found it listed in the
1998/1999 catalog on Pg. 518. It accepts P6204, P6205, and P6217 probes. It
looks like a great item to own.

Since this is a fairly "NEW" product the manual is available from the
official Tek web site. You can get it at

I doubt very much if any manual for it, regardless of the source, will be
what we all know to be a true Service Manual with Theory, schematics, and
parts lists.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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I recently purchased a good working 1103 PSU. But it's different from any of
the manuals I can locate.
1) It's supplied by a 12V external brick SMPS not 120VAC. No transformer in
the housing.
2) It has internal buck boost SMPS for the dual +/- rails, 5 & 15V
3) It's very accurate, within +/- 0.03V and under 7mV of noise or ripple.
4) Almost 100% surface mount electronics.
5) Made in China, s/n C010281, and the connectors etc. are in mint
condition, no dust/oxidation inside or out.

Does anyone have a source the the manual/schematic for this unit?
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