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My opinion FWIW is 7854 and a 7104 plus maybe a 7633/7623B for those slow
PIs that benefit from storage mode.

You may prefer a 7904A over a 7104 for longevity if you use it often as
those MCP CRTs do wear out ...


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I've been thinking about getting a *new* scope. Actually brand new. I've
never done that. Maybe an Agilent 2000/3000 series. (Yeah,
Keysight....I've been thinking a while now.) I have entirely too many
scopes. Mostly Tek 7000 series. About 25 of them! And I'm tired of
carrying and storing them.

But I do want to keep some analog scopes around. Maybe one or two 7000
mainframes and a good set of plugins.

The question is which two Tek 7k scopes should I have on hand? I'm not
worried about plug ins right now...that's a future project. Just the
mainframes for now. I require X-Y mode capability, but other than that it's
wide open.

What would you recommend and why?


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