Just call me Mr. Sampler (and button question)

Michael Dunn <mdunn@...>

Geez, somehow I've ended up with three 1GHz sampling plug-ins.

The 1S1 is semi-working after my restoration attempt. I don't think it's fully happy with my Schottky GaAs subs...

Newly acquired is a 3S76 (2-chan!). Does anyone have a manual to sell or partly copy? Unfortunately, I think it needs a companion 3T77 to operate. Otherwise it's in good shape. Maybe I'll harvest some GaAs diodes from it! It has TWO connectors on the rear-panel in a "T" layout, whereas the scope bay just has one. Does this require a special mainframe, or is the second connector for testing or something? Or, is there a special cable or board that connects it to the 3t77?

Also new -- a 7S14! A real beauty. Two channel, with timebase. And..... It works :-) Mostly anyway. There's a bit of lumpy noise in one trace, and the buttons are all pretty sticky. So, any recommendations for cleaning and lubricating those 7000-series buttons? Oh, I wouldn't mind a manual for this one either. Guess it's time to build me some crude 50:1 or 100:1 passive probes! Oh, the delayed timebase ring is also missing. I've seen a picture of this - a rare example of really bad design from Tek as far as I can see. The pointer for the delayed setting is on a ring just like the main pointer, but smaller diameter. The 2 sweep knobs are normal concentric ones, and said ring is attached to the "upper" knob by a couple of fragile looking plastic ribs that travel down to it down the sides of the main knob. Seems to me that the first time you turned the MAIN knob a bit too violently, your fingers would tear off those ribs!

Michael Dunn
(the original ;-)

p.s., TekScopes continues to grow well. We have over 60 members now. Soon it will be my most populous group. We should throw a party or something.
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