Re: Tek 464 CRT tube presenting "double-peaking" - Is rejuvenation recommended

Fabio Trevisan

Thanks Raymond,
My comment next to your post.

2016-10-19 20:02 GMT-02:00 @Raymond [TekScopes] <
Not a straight answer to your question but according to the specs of a
German rejuvenator, the "Müter BMR95", which was (is?) well known and
respected in Europe, it i>s able to apply heater voltages of 0.53, 0.7, 1,
1.6, 2, 2.7, 4.7, 6.3, 8.4, 11 and 12.6 Volt.
8.4 V, 11 V and 12.6 V are 6.3 V + 33%, 75% and 100% respectively
Take your pick...

Thanks for pointing me out to the Müter... Maybe I find more information
online on my question, where the BK470 S.M. is lacking.
But I think you misunderstood what I meant with my question...
The BK470 itself also has 6 ranges of user selectable voltages, covering
from 0V to 14V (and a fine adjust for everything within each range)... but
those are there to allow the user to apply the proper (nominal) heater
voltage required by each particular tube, to allow for consistent results
and readings while using the other (also useful) diagnostic functions - say
- emission measurement - and to determine cutoff voltage etc...
Likewise, it must be the same case for the Müter BMR95...
But when using those devices in the Clean-Up or Rejuvenation functions...
the device itself boosts the heater voltage - that you previously selected
and adjusted for the nominal value - by some given amount that is not user
selectable but preset internally in the device.
In the case of the BK470, the power supply transformer primary has 2
taps... one with more turns and one with less turns (by how much
difference? that is the question).
For all the diagnostic and measurement functions, the mains is fed to the
tap with more turns (the "normal" tap).
For the clean-up and rejuvenation functions, the mains is fed to the tap
with less turns (the "boost" tap), therefore increasing the voltages of all
the secondary windings by that amount (that is built in the primary).

Just for the reference, Chuck posted in a next reply that the boost
implemented by the Sencore CR70 was 50%...

All that information gathering is good and will add to the subject, for all
members of the group who will eventually need to rejuvenate their CRTs
(which is likely to happen more and more, because it's really the only
unreplaceable component of those beloved devices that will definitely die

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