Re: Looking for an S52

Ed Breya

I thought powering up an S-52 was just recently discussed over the past week or so, and settled that yes it is possible, and yes, it will run on its own if powered up. The signal will come out if it's working, and can be viewed with a scope.

BTW I think the S-series heads are far more robust than one might think. As I reported a while back in some 7S12 repair discussions, every head problem I have found turned out to be caused by simple (and cheap) things not related to failure of TDs or samplers. Most were mechanical problems like loose SMA connector mounts or internal board connections, and one was a bad 2N3906.

Although the TDs and samplers are fragile and exposed to the outside world, if they were treated with respect in their original environments, they are likely OK. But, who knows the history of any particular unit? It's a crap shoot, but I've had good luck with them.


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