Re: Hello from newcomer Fabio Trevisan - My first Tek Scope 464 + DM44


Since everything else in your 464 works well enough, I guess it is
worth the price and wait given how difficult it is to find good test
equipment in Brazil.

I used a 464 long ago and was not impressed with the CRT brightness or
sharpness compared to the two 7834s I have now but others have
reported better performance and maybe the one I used had a lot of
hours on the CRT or need to be calibrated.

On Wed, 5 Oct 2016 16:29:27 -0300, you wrote:

Hello Dave,
Just to let you know that I just ordered that HV transformer from Sphere.
It's shipping to my in-law's in Toronto, and she will be coming down to
Brazil in 2 weeks time.
The transformer costed 40% of what I paid for the whole 464... but heck...
I couldn't give up at this point.
I want to have a Tek scope and this is the first time I had chance to buy
one at
an affordable price.
So be it... it ended up not being a bargain, but it will still be cheap for
Brazilian standards.
I only hope that the CRT is not so worn out and that it will last enough
for my hobbyist use.

Talking about the CRT... I`ll reply to your answer on my other thread, on
this subject.
I want to explore what are my chances of rejuvenating this CRT.



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