Probe ground sockets for UHF etc


Hi all:
In my quest for RF capability and competencies I have found that wrapping buss wire to make a probe ground socket for UHF, RF prototyping or test points is useful to a point. But the potential for each hand made 'socket' to have slightly different inductance properties can factor in negatively when evaluating a signal path.

So I ask this:

Would a precision manufactured (stamped) brass cylinder or cuboid with a 1 point, 2 point or 4 point solder connection be something the market (aka: you guys are a sample) would be interested in?

Initially I see this as a stamp and roll or fold operation which permits expansion of the socket to fit the probe ground sleeve and allows the 'legs' to be bent/snipped for SMT installation as needed.

Perhaps just a couple sizes would fit the majority of HF probe diameters due to the unsealed edge of the socket.

I'd want to keep the retail piece cost under 10 cents in quantities of >50, but that figure has no feasibility behind it in terms of volume at this stage.

Any input is appreciated.

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