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No need to change anything apart from the input FET if that has blown.
You'll need to install with S and D swapped (it's symmetric so that's no
problem) you'll also need thin short wires from the pads to reach the
MMBF4416 S and D pins.


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So I just won an auction for a relatively complete, but non-working P6201.
I mainly wanted the accessories that I didn't have for the probe I already
have. But... Tek acquisition disease strikes again... I'm assuming that most
of these die with the get blown out from somebody measuring something with
more power than they should?
According to the manual, there are 3 different Fets used, depending on
serial number. At least the most recent revision(MMBF4416) is available...
and CHEAP. Of course I don't know the serial number of the probe I won yet,
but it looks like even an earlier probe could be updated with the new fet
and some changes to values of passives. Of course calibration is then a
So I'm just curious, has anybody repaired these? Anybody tried to update an
earlier probe? Any insight?
Nathan KK4REY

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